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Protect your system from failure.

Basic - $16.50

Basic Proactive Monitoring


Monthly monitoring of (1) device

Be alerted of potential problems

Weekly security reporting

Antivirus report summaries

Alert of hard drive failure

Standard - $27.95

Standard Proactive Monitoring


Monthly monitoring and 

maintenance of(1) device

+ All basic reporting

Patch management of OS and Apps

Weekly hard drive maintenance

Temperature readings and reports

Complete - $39.99*



Monthly Monitoring, Maintenance and Tech Support* of (1) device, + All Standard reporting

limited live tech support*

Hard drive imaging, Hybrid local backup

Complete monitoring

Personal assigned technician

Fast Remote Access


When a alert comes in to our system we are already repairing it before you knew you had a problem with our Complete Solution.

24/7/365 Monitoring


We keep monitoring your computers and network stability even when we're sleeping

*Network Server pricing available upon request.

Assigned Technician


With our Complete monitoring solutions a personal technician will be assigned to your account and tech support* is a phone call away.

Proactive Vs Reactive

  • What if you could fix your computer before it breaks down? 
  • Complete important Windows/Mac updates before the work week starts, and increase productivity and save money.
  • if you could stop something from happening, hard drive failure or ransom attack. 
  • Maybe predict the feature?  With Proactive Monitoring we watch 23 different crucial components for failure, Protect Yourself Today