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We are great people to work with, Really!

It’s a Geek com has been providing quality computer repair and IT management for over 18 years to the southwest region of the united states. With over 29 years of technical experience we know how to deliver products and services that will best suite your needs and desires. Give us a try and become a valued customer and let us treat you right. 



Andrea Z.

 Whatever your computer issues large or small, It's a Geek has a solution to your problem. They are fast, honest and extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of computers and computer networking. Randy is so caring and reliable, I would recommend his service to everyone! 

John B.

 From recovering lost files on a crashed hard drive to fixing, in 5 minutes, a problem that Dell wanted to repair with a complete system re-install to letting me down gently that the video on a corrupted memory card was gone forever. Randy is competent and capable but more importantly he's approachable. If tech isn't your thing he can explain the problem AND the solution in a way that makes sense. He's my nearly always on-call IT guy. 

Charlie C.

 I really want to give them 4.75 stars (0.25 stars off because their van needs to be replaced), but the guy that helped me was super smart and very patient with me.  I know a fair amount about computers, but this guy fixed my computer so fast he was done before I realized he had started.  I've called them a bunch since that first time and I've recommended It's a Geek to my friends. 

Diane M.

 The technicians at Its A Geek are knowledgeable on a wide range of technical issues from PC and Mac diagnostics and repair to internet security to mobile marketing and hot spots and even setting up home entertainment systems so all the smart devices are actually smart.  They've been supporting my small business for over a year now and I have always found them to be responsive, friendly and competent. 

Matt M.

 Best tech guy in town! Knows what hes talking about based on experience and will go out of his way to make sure your satisfied. Brought in my Dell XPS 9100 and found a solution to my problem quickly. Thank Randy. 

Angel B.

 Randy completed all tasks efficiently without fuss, and I was lucky enough to get a same-day appointment. Oh the relief! All the previous reviews were not amiss...great service, fair pricing, the reassurance of having a wizard on hand. Thanks, Randy! :)